Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy is to determine principles and methods to be used during selection of personnel, nomination, pricing, training, employment forms and conditions and release of them in order to provide efficiency and productivity on all works in the company. Our companys Human Resources Policy has been determined and executed in accordance with general principles accepted by top management of our company. Companys managers are responsible for application and supervision of related practices of Human Resources Policy within the scope of organizational rules.
All personnel at every level must have following features:

To create an incentive working system for the personnel in order to increase contribution of them on aims and objectives of our company, to help establishment of affirmative relationships based on mutual love and respect between them, to respect character of the employee, to keep and observe their rights.

Definite and clear job definition shall be expressed in order to provide all jobs to be done in the company in the best way, qualifications required for an employee shall be determined.

Limits of authority and responsibility limits of all personnel in every job levels shall be defined clearly.

After preparation of possibilities for improvement of information, skill and experience of the personnel, a self-improvement opportunity shall be provided. Equal opportunity principle shall be observed during promotions and appointments within the organization; allocations to be done for management positions shall be implemented amongst emloyees if it is possible.

Employees shall be benefited from monetary or nonmonetary facilities of the company based on fair and objective criterions and their works worth for the company in accordance with education, information, experience and abilities of them as a reward.

Any discrimination based on language, race, gender, political and philosophical thoughts, religion and similar reasons shall not be taken into consideration between the personnel.

In order to ensure management, arrangement and continuity of working in related companies, workforce transfer rates shall be minimized.