About Us


GEMKOM has been serving the steel industry both in and out of Turkey since its foundation in 1998. Located in the middle of the most prominent manufacturing base of Turkey.

GEMKOM is one of the biggest Turkish engineering and manufacturing company.

GEMKOM provides plants and equipments for minimills (Meltshops & Rolling Mills), as well as “turn-key” solutions in this regard.

GEMKOM offers economically viable solutions for Meltshops and Rolling Mills and also supplies Engineering Services at European Standards.

GEMKOM covers the complete design and manufacturing activities for green-field projects as well as revamping/upgrading of existing plants and equipments.

GEMKOM manufactures spare parts and components for Meltshops, Rolling Mills and Off-Gas Systems.

GEMKOM provides technical assistance and consulting service to steel production.

GEMKOM workforce is formed by over than 750 specialized staff with a modern machinery park to undertake even the most challenging projects. More than 270 engineers and administrative employees are involved in the design and management of the projects. GEMKOM believes in the importance of the human factor and perpetual improvement for its long term success.

GEMKOM general plant design focuses low production costs, higher process flexibility, Increasing productivity while improving energy efficiency, improving the quality of the finished product, meet environmental requirements at a minimum cost and better coordination of process/environmental requirements.