GEMKOM offers world-class quality and economically viable solutions.


Scrap Pre-Heating Systems



Scrap Bucket Press Systems



Scrap Shear



Scrap Shradder



Emergency Lance Stirring



Orange Peel & Clam Shell Grabs



Scrap Buckets & Bucket Cars



Cranes For Mills



EAF Upper & Lower Shells



EAF Roofs



LF Roofs



Water Cooled Panels



Water Cooled Elbows



Water Cooled Ducts



Combustion Chambers



Copper Conductive Systems



Copper Cladded Electrode Arms



EAF Slag Door Manipulators



Ladle & Tundish Pre-Heaters / Driers




Ladles & Ladle Cars



Tundish & Tundish Cars



CCM Ladle Turrets



Dummy Bars & Parking Units



Withdrawal – Straightening Units



Pinch – Auxiliary Rolls & Torch Cutting Units



GEMKOM provides tailor-made solutions for all meltshop auxiliaries and spare parts