Material Handling Systems

GEMKOM Material Handling System; considers reduced manual work and avoids time loss. GEMKOM designs and manufactures material handling systems with the most effective and fully automatic operation.

The plant is generally designed for the storage into bins, extraction, weighing, transport and charging of ferroalloy, additives and fluxes into scrap bucket, into the ladle in tapping position and to the ladle refining station.

All plant functions, specifically from storage bins up to loading to the final users, are controlled automatically.

The dosage is carried out with high accuracy to obtain maximum technical results and, at the same time, to use additives and fluxes in the best possible way to minimize expenses.

Suitable interlocks will guarantee the right positioning of the devices. Maximum and minimum level gauges in storage bins will warn operators.


MHS Main Equipments

  • Receiving hoppers
  • All type conveyors
  • Main storage bins
  • Vibrating feeders
  • Weighing systems
  • Pneumatic deviators
  • Batch hoppers
  • Bar Gates
  • Shell valves
  • Swivelling chutes