Continuous Casting Machines


According to customer request, CCM can be equipped with the necessary modern equipment to produce high quality casted products, such as tundish of delta type to reduce inclusions in the mould, long copper tube to improve primary cooling on the billet surface, automatic mould level control system, high casting radius to reduce stress during unbending, secondary spray cooling divided in three zone for a better cooling effect and control, walking beam cooling bed for the straightening of the long billets.

CCM can be designed to produce square billets in the sections between 100 to 200 mm², and blooms between 180 to 260 mm². Special designs for beam blank and round sections between 160 to 440 mm can be done. Radius of 5-12 meter and mould length of 750-1000 mm can be designed according to project requirement.



CCM Main Equipments

  • Ladle Turrets
  •  Ladle Turret Weighing System
  •  Ladle Cover Manipulator
  •  Tundish & Tundish Car
  •  Tundish Weighing System
  •  Tundish Pre-Heater & Dryer
  •  Moulds
  •  Mould Oscillation Systems
  •  Mould Level Control Systems
  •  Foot Rolls
  •  Mould Level Control
  •  E.M.S.
  •  Secondary Cooling
  •  Withdrawal & Straightener
  •  Pinch Rolls
  •  Tourch Cutting Systems
  •  Rigid Dummy Bars
  •  Dummy Bar Parking Units
  •  Roller Tables
  •  Walking Beam Cooling Beds