Chemical Heating Station (CHS)


Heating of steel in the ladle can also be carried out by means of chemical heating by charging aluminum and blowing oxygen into the melt. Combustion takes place in a refractory lined snorkel being immersed into the melt. Heating rates adjustment is possible, which signifies by far higher rates than by operation of a conventional Ladle Furnace. Good alloying yields are achieved by addition under inert gas conditions covered by the refractory lined snorkel.

Metallurgical and operational tasks:

  •  Buffer function prior to casting
  •  Homogenization of the steel heat by ladle bottom purging or stirring lance
  •  Adjustment of steel composition by alloy additions and/or wire feeding
  •  Temperature adjustment with the addition of cooling scrap
  •  Deoxidation by the addition of aluminium
  •  Chemical Heating by aluminium addition and oxygen blowing
    Desulphurization by the addition of synthetic top slag or by powder injection