Scrap Preheating System


15 – 20 % of contained energy as 100 – 150kwh/t in EAF during the oparation, is gone out via duct emissions.

CVS scrap pre-heater is a system which utilizes this heat energy to heat scrap in a bucket before charged into the EAF and thus contributes towards to energy saving.

Evacuated gas from the EAF is flowed to the combustion chamber, and via the second out way with another duct pipes, hot gas is flowed to the scrap buckets, gone into bucket to heat scraps and after that gone out from bottom of scrap bucket and via duct pipes, mentioned gases are gone to the FTP after gives existing heats to the scraps.

Main Profit:
Preheated scrap average temperature is between 150°C-200°C.
The amount of energy saving is 20 – 30 kwh/ton in practice.