Green Field Projects

Green Field Projects

The design considers latest technology in the field of steel plant machinery and equipment.

The layout takes full advantage of the rationality of material handling in the plant in order to obtain the following results:

  • Minimum amount of areas occupied
  • Optimization of personnel required
  • Optimization of production times and costs
  • Best scrap handling
  • Future Extension consideration of plant

The layout of the meltshop and the location of Auxiliary Plants have been carefully analyzed for best logistics inside the plant like raw materials, semi-products and waste material.

Design Focus

  • Limited investment costs
  • High quality products
  • High productivity
  • Maximum simplicity of operation
  • Operation reliability
  • Maximum flexibility to meet various market demands.

We lay the foundation for optimized processes with proven, leading products worldwide, including mechanical and technological engineering for metal production and rolling as well as process control engineering, drive engineering and power supply.

Integrated online and offline process models reflect decades of practical experience and help to ensure reliable, reproducible quality.

Our process engineering expertise fuses these products into complete plant solutions that also accommodate the upstream and downstream processes.

These solutions are the basis for optimal resource use, minimized waiting times and reduced maintenance and spare parts costs, as well as wide flexibility with respect to raw materials and the resulting products.


A further factor for competitive production is the quality of information processing.

Production data must be consolidated and compared with planning data to ensure optimal production flow.