The Message


Showing continuous development by acknowledging the importance of providing services to the Iron & Steel Sector, which is one of the largest industries in the world, GEMKOM enjoys a well-justified pleasure with its ever rising success graphic and the contributions made to the economy of the sector.

We are determined to maintain our useful position for the expansion and development of the industry with the state of the art technologies, quality production at the global standards, considerable engineering potential and enterprises towards the social relations.

Today, as a company shown to be the source of innovation and economical growth, we are continuing our operations with the aim to determine the requirements of the market in advance and meeting these with new and innovative solutions. We are aware of the fact that the tools such as creating, transforming and using the knowledge are the greatest details for technological development.

We manage the integration of the human resource, technology and production in the best possible manner in all our operations. Our company is demonstrating the customer satisfaction obtained through quality, cost and rapid delivery time with the worldwide power of the Turkish Engineering successfully integrated with our overseas branches with the philosophy of, “in order to get globalised we need to get localised”.

We are proud of our highly motivated engineering staff and the successful projects implemented with our experienced manpower. We are continuously investing in human resources to maintain our success in the long run.

Today, with our exports to every region of the world from North America to the Far East, we are in qualityfocused production of both spare parts and turn-key projects in the World’s Iron and Steel Market under the ISO 9001-2008 and EN3834-2 quality certificates.

Our ultimate target is simple; to provide our clients with the fastest service and the best applicable systems / solutions in the field of iron and steel so that each and everyone of you would be satisfied.